Sep 102014

Topics include:

-Letting go and allowing other people to give you their best

-Stop trying to do everything on your own

-Focus on your best attributes and find others to help where you may be lacking

-Focused on the music industry and small businesses

-The value of recognizing your faults

-The importance of professional sound recording

-The importance of professional videos

-The importance of professional design

Aug 182014





Tef decides to open up on how positivity has helped to change his outlook on life.

Topics in this episode include:
-The Power of Positivity
-Fighting you inner demons
-Accepting your faults
-Dealing with bad news
-Finding sources of positivity
-Controlling your attitude
-Eliminating negative people from your life
-Helping Others

People that help me stay positive!!!
-Zig Ziglar
-Eric Thomas
-Trent Shelton
-Les Brown
-Don Stanley